A Day at Westwood Preschool

Each day at Westwood Preschool offers purposeful and productive time carefully planned and implemented by qualified staff. Children will be most ready to learn and have fun if well rested, nourished and comfortably dressed. Washable play clothes (we do get messy here!) and tennis shoes are best for our active program. Labeling clothing, coats, boots, hats, mittens, etc. assists us in managing the many items handled throughout the day. Boots and snow pants will only be needed on specific days as requested in advance by the teacher except for the Full Day classes, as they participate in daily outdoor time.

Because children do best with structure and predictability, the classrooms will typically follow a consistent daily schedule. The following activities are included in each day:

Circle Time

Circle Time
We start the day with Circle Time. Teachers introduce the theme and events of the day. Music, movement, finger plays, literature, calendar, weather, and sharing time are some of the elements that are used to develop language, listening skills, taking turns, social interactions, and problem-solving skills. Bible stories, devotions and conversational prayer are added highlights of this group time.

Learning Environment

Finger Paint
Learning Environment is intentional teaching that has a multitude of approaches and resources. Individual, small group and large group activities are established in ways that may be teacher led or “free choice” style. Enriching resources include activities and materials that support language, literacy, science exploration & discovery, math concepts, creative art, dramatic play, fine motor skill development through manipulatives, construction, sensory play, problem-solving skills, and much more!

Large Muscle Activities


Large Muscle Activities can be outside or inside. When we are outdoors, we enjoy our commercial playground that is surrounded by a biking path and a fence, and features a  sandbox and grassy area. When we are indoors in our “muscle room” we move our bodies with bikes, balls, parachutes, and tumbling mats. Westwood preschoolers get at least 20 minutes of moving and grooving each day! Activities include free play and some teacher led large motor skill development. Following directions, social skill development, and problem-solving skills all occur within the context of having fun.

Snack Time

Snack Time is a simple fare of typically crackers and juice provided by the preschool. Fruit, veggies, cheese sticks, and special snacks that fit with our learning themes or a cooking activity are also included. We are diligent about safety for children with food related allergies so are “nut aware” and make every effort to be peanut free. Specific concerns will be accommodated through a plan between home and school. We do not allow any added treats to be brought in due to safety restrictions.


Chapel is held each Wednesday at Westwood Preschool. The classrooms gather together for a time of lively worship through praise music and movement. Lessons are built around scripture, Bible stories, puppets, and engaging presentations to enhance learning. Families will receive an instructional guide to further enhance learning at home.